Monday, 14 July 2014

White Dwarf Pirate

The White Dwarf subscriber only figure from a couple of years back, painted as a birthday gift for my brother.

I know it's ancient history these days, but I still cannot get my head around finecast. I have never had a flawless model, this one was better than previous examples but still had plenty of problems, a big chunk missing from the sword scabard being the most obvious. There were lots of bubbles too and a few bits missing here and there - part of a finger and a hole in the skull. The telescope was droopy too, though that's the easiest to fix with a quick dunk in hot water. By far the worst material I have ever worked with, no more detail than metal holds and about twice the price! I continue to paint occasional samples for commission, but there are zero in my own collection.


redmanphill said...

Nicely painted, I had never even sen this model before. I have thankfully somehow skipped the whole Finecast debacle. Everything I have bought recently, very little i admit, has been plastic.

Ghengis Vaughn said...

Oh that is a fun model right there. I like the weathering effect on the spyglass as well. As for Finecast I haven't come across a "complete" model either. The best one I've had to date is Commissar Yarrick who had a few tiny bubbles that, thankfully, were in areas I could treat as weathering. The absolute worst was the Ork with KFF. The main "antenna" is supposed to look like a retro style Jacobs ladder affair but mine was just a cone of Finecast material. There was no detail at all! I avoid that stuff like the plague.

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