Wednesday 29 November 2017

My New Facebook Page

I have decided to start a facebook page for all my painting. It's called Nord's Painting Saga and you can visit it here if you like. It's early days as yet, there are just two photo albums loaded in and very little else - it's still at the little acorn stage.

Why are you starting a facebook page when you already have a blog (and a website)? I hear you ask. The blog was originally designed purely as a diary for my personal use. It was (and still is) a space to record my hobby activity, my gaming and my painting recipes. Rather than scribble these down on scraps of paper and Word documents, it was a handy place to have them all stored in one area that would, theoretically, never get lost/burnt/eaten by a dog. Note that many of these recipes I do not publish, especially those that are commission projects, as I never really detect much enthusiasm for such posts. Blogs are ideal for diary like activity, I can easily look back at past articles, all neatly catalogued, for example when compiling my recent ten year retrospective ramble.

Facebook is a more immediate platform. Post a picture and there is an immediate response, even if it's just a like thumb or two. It also has a very fine photo facility. I use it to hold all my holiday snaps, they are easy to load, it's easy to restrict the audience (if necessary) and the picture quality is good. Blog photos seem to compress and degrade a little in the uploading process.

In the past I would load my commission photos on to my website griffinpainting, but recently I have had problems doing this. Combined with the lack of feedback of a website, I think it's time has come. It's still there, but currently has not been updated for several months. Whether this has been noticed by any of the visitors, I have no idea!

New facebook page, yay!
The blog will continue to be the place for my hobby ramblings, gaming exploits and bad puns. If you simply need more, more, more, then Nord's Painting Saga is the place for you. There will be an overlap with the blog, the Undead project for example will appear on both as it's a personal project. If you want to get a look at my commission work, like these lovely little guys and their many mates, it's worth a visit. If you like what you see, please share with like minded friends.

Saturday 18 November 2017

X.VI - More Undead

Hobby time has been a bit thin on the ground - thinner than a skeleton's bicep - so it's time for another scrabble through the archive. We have reached 2013, which turned out to be an excellent vintage for a variety of reasons.

This was the year in which kickstarter really took off - I painted up some of the now forgotten Sedition Wars figures. There was plenty of fantasy painting, including a tentative start on an Empire force. 2013 was also the year in which I really made a significant dent in my collection of Lord of the Rings figures, with hordes of orcs poring out - Morannon orcs, Mordor orcs and uruk hai. And finally I painted up a decent viking force for Saga gaming. Phew, that was a very good year! I was tempted to choose the orcs, but I think in the end my most prized painting of that year was more units for my Vampire Counts, including this mighty varghulf and a unit of grave guard built from Lord of the Rings plastics.

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