Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Office

There's not much to report at the moment. I blame the weather, it's unusually sunny and warm, which is great for tourists, but bad for painting. As a temporary measure, I have set up my paints in a shady spot in the garden. So here is my studio - a folding table and chair, which I have to move around chasing the shade. It's very pleasant sitting there painting with just the drone of the bees and the occasional squawk of a jackdaw as an ambient soundtrack. It's a bit less relaxing now that the contents of the local school have poured on to the nearby playing field for their mid morning break, so I have escaped into the usual office. As nice as it looks, the light is not that good, it's not flat or even, too much contrast. On grey, overcast days I reckon I am the only one cheering in England! Ah well, there's the bell for end of break, back to the toil.

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