Friday 29 January 2021

Grumpy Gnome

The first painting of the new year. I was aiming to get it done at the start of the new year, but there always seemed to be something else to do instead. Still, at least I managed to get him finished in January so I think technically that qualifies as new year. This is a figure by Blacksmith Miniatures that I bought as part of a Kickstarter a few years back. I thought it was high time to try something different, it’s a display figure at scale 55mm. I painted it as a grumpy little gnome traipsing back from the mine, his coal for the week on his back. Looks like he picked up a stowaway at some point. 

Most of the paint used was Golden artists acrylics, having tried them a few times now I think I will rarely buy hobby paints again, these are just so much more pigmented and better quality. I used a limited palette of black, white, yellow ochre and burnt sienna for the bulk of the model. I did have to mix in a little violet to enhance the red of the cap. I reckon I will be painting more things like this in the future. Enough blabber, here’s more photos.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Twelfth Day of Beardmas

 My original intention in this little series was a finale of a newly painted mini, a type I don’t usually paint. However, it is not yet finished and I don’t want to rush it just for the sake of a blog article, so here’s plan B instead. A little compilation of other beards I painted throughout the year. 


It’s not a particularly large selection of beards, because I didn’t actually spend that much time hobby painting this year. The first photo of vikings, about half were completed in 2020, but I like the photo of all the berserkers together so why not show them all off. The trio of adventurers, one is obviously smooth chined, but again I liked the photo of them all together.

Not the finale I had planned, which seems quite fitting for 2020. 

Monday 4 January 2021

Eleventh day of Beardmas

 On the eleventh day of Beardmas.....

Dwarfs at the movies. Or iMovie, to be precise. Moving dwarfs, sort of.....

And that’s a wrap. The dwarfs of Oakenheim have had their few days blinking in the dim light of midwinter, back underground they go for another year. I might add to their ranks later in the year, but it’s not that likely if I am honest. Too many other things eating my hobby time.

Sunday 3 January 2021

Tenth day of Beardmas


On the tenth day of Beardmas.....

Say “cheese”

The Dwarfs of Oakenheim. All of them, in one glorious photo. This is a cheat day, all these dwarfs have appeared in the previous nine days. But, it’s taken me more than five years to get them to this stage, so please indulge me showing them off in this one photo. I love it, I think they look awesome all together like this. And if you like this photo, tomorrow’s post will be an extra treat.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Ninth day of Beardmas


On the ninth day of Beardmas....

Rune lord of Oakenheim on Anvil of Doom, with personal bodyguard. This is an absolute classic model from the golden age of dwarfdom, which was the early 1990s. There were a number of totally dwarfsome minis released in this era - the flame cannon, the dwarf king on throne, and the anvil of doom here would be the top three in my book. The original model included two banner poles with elaborate paper flags attached. I kinda like that old school look for a warm, rosy retro feel, but I prefer this more simple approach in my own collection. 

Friday 1 January 2021

Eighth day of Beardmas


On the eighth day of Beardmas....

Rune smith of Oakenheim. This is a plastic from the new* range of dwarfs. It’s also new year’s day. See what I did there? I used a banner top from an old plastic kit to make his staff top. 

I think Xmas is over now, so no more dreadful jokes. Usually, on this day, it would be a time to set hobby resolutions, but I am not doing that this year. I am just going with the flow, see where it leads this year.

*new in my eyes, I don’t really count the steampunk AOS dudes as dwarfs

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