Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ork Tankbustas

Da Tankbustas mob

Fixed! The solution was simple, I changed all the rokkits to yellow and black, while keeping the grenades the original red. I am happier with the unit now, it's far less confusing. A few models also got some stripes or wavey lines on their kit, the boss especially likes to grab da best rokkits.

Da Boss n squigs

It's strange picking up models after a long gap. I know that some painters stick with tried and tested methods forever and would just carry on where they left off. I continually try new techniques, new paints, new mediums, so I was a bit surprised at the finish of these figures. It seems a bit clumsy in parts. I guess that means I have made progress along the way, even if it's gradual and miniscule. In the old days I would base coat, wash, then re-highlight. These days I am far more likely to start with a light tone and use glazes and washes to add shades. It's quicker and gives a better result - in my eyes at least.

Da plastik konvershuns 

Truth be told, I have always been baffled by the adoration heaped on the game. The aesthetic has never quite grabbed me in the way it does others, but I do think that the orks were first in the greenskin line when the GW designers handed out charisma. My fantasy orcs pale by comparison - although I reckon a few goblins could give them a run for their money. You probably either love them or hate them, but there's no denying they have a certain something, a slightly ridiculous over the top comic ferocity in a slightly ridiculous over the top universe. Carrying rockets in mouths, bomb squigs, rocket hammers, it's all very silly and jars a little with the usual grimdark solemnity, which is probably why they are my only 40k army.

Da fishul metal uns 


Ana Polanscak said...

They looked alright to me with more red, but they are even better now. I really like the skintone. :)

Duarte said...

I feel shame for my skill level.

Dimacheri said...

Any chance to hear what paints did u use for skin and yellow parts?

Old Fogey said...

Click on "tutorials", scroll down, there's a complete guide.

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