Friday, 11 July 2014

Rohan Archers

The second batch of eight figures for the Rohan force is a unit of archers. Without the shields to hide behind and suffering from a bad case of single poses, this is a less impressive unit than the first set of warriors. On the plus side they were very quick to paint up, just three sessions and they were pretty much done.

When it comes to gaming with the new figures I have a few ideas in mind. The obvious choice would be to use Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. It's a reasonable game and plays well at the smaller end, around 20 to 30 figures per side, so probably will be the first action seen by the forces of Rohan.

For slightly larger battles I will be tinkering around to produce Saga battle boards for both Rohan and Isengard. This is my goal, to provide enough troops to play six or eight point games, which means at least another 16 infantry and probably 16 cavalry, depending on how they are defined in the game. With the first two points painted, and another one or two points constructed, I am well on the way to gaming on the plains of Rohan.


Goldmunds Welt said...

Solid paintjob! Like the desaturated colours.

Lanniswargames said...

I have just found this blog while looking for how to paint Rohan soldiers. I like the colours you have used. Can you tell the colours, please?

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