Friday 8 December 2017

Oathmark Goblins Review

I recently jumped on to the pre-order offer from North Star games and was happy to receive a parcel in the post just yesterday. For the uninitiated, Osprey Games are developing a mass fantasy game system and these goblins are the second plastic set to be released. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here we go with a good number of images.

Box of toy soldiers just waiting to be opened
Lovely cover art by Ralph Horsley (I think)
Rear of the box shows exactly what you get
Box stuffed with sprues

Sprue contents - six of these in a box
I set to work on a single sprue, enough bits to make five miniatures. The sculpts are good, hardly surprising as the sculptor is Michael Anderson. Casting wise, the details are what you would expect from Renedra. Mould lines are easy to remove with a sharp knife. Glue the arms on to the body, then the head, then a shield or quiver as applicable. It's quick and simple - these figures took me 10 minutes each to clean and assemble.

Example poses
My initial idea when I bought them was to boost my Lord of the Rings Mordor orcs force. I thought I would assemble a variety of poses and then compare them with what I already have. Again, pictures speak volumes, but I think it's safe to say they are an excellent match to this scale. They will provide some useful variety to the single pose plastics. 

Moria goblin, Oathmark goblin, Mordor orc

Morannon orc, Oathmark goblin, Mordor orc

Morannon orc, Oathmark goblin, Mordor orc
Now a shot to compare the figures with some of their typical foes - men of Gondor, or stout dwarfs. Again, another good match on scale.

Gondor, Oathmark, Dwarf
Finally, a comparison with another species of fantasy goblin, very widespread. This is, of course, a Games Workshop plastic night goblin. 

Oathmark, Warhammer night goblin
To sum up, Oathmark plastic goblins are an excellent product. Well sculpted and well cast, they are very good value at £25 for a box of 30 figures. Of course, every gamer will have a different purpose in mind for his new figures, but if you are hoping to add to your Lord of the Rings collection, then these are just the ticket. Now you really can build an army worthy of Mordor.


Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks for posting this review!

The figures look great, I just wish they went with slottas or no tabs at all, rather than the integrated bases that I will be cutting off!

Kev Moon said...

Thankyou for the review. The comparison pictures are very helpful. I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint them.

Michal DwarfCrypt said...

Thanks for a review sir!

antohammer paper miniature said...

They look better as mordor orchs :D i wait for a Colored one ;)

Unknown said...

Great review. Do you think these could convert to pikemen with 80mm metal pikes?

Nord said...

I don't see why not. Easy enough to cut off weapons, drill through the plastic hands and insert pikes. Maybe a counterweight needed if they topple over?

dreadpiratethomas said...

to phillip nash.... definitely doable. I made up a bunch of these with bill arms and pike arms from the perry wotr sets.

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