Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rohan Warriors

This small contingent of eight Rohan warriors was painted as a little experiment, to test a colour scheme. I think it works well so will continue with the rest of the force in this kind of palette.

I have had these figures (plus many more) lying around for some time, I picked them up in a Two Towers boxset along with some uruk hai. I thought it was about time I spent some time painting good guys.

I chose eight for a number of reasons. It's a good size unit to work on efficiently without it being too daunting. One or two figures is too few, you spend more time opening and closing paint pots than actually painting. Twenty or more is too many unless you are prepared to spend several sessions. Eight or ten is just about right for me, to get results in a few one hour or so sessions. Eight also just happens to be the number of figures required for a company in War of the Ring, and for a point of standard warriors in Saga.

As with dark ages figures, the most prominent feature is the shields, so I spent a little more time on them. I decided on a mix of reds, browns and greens as the basic colour, which ties in nicely with the rustic palette of the clothing. The bases are a bit lighter than I usually paint, I wanted to emulate the green pastures of Rohan, so a light earth and a mix of green and brown/straw static grass. Onward to the next eight!


Baconfat said...

They look great, the color scheme is perfect.

redmanphill said...

Very nice indeed, I would like to play some Lord of the Ring games using the Saga rules eventually. It should be fairly easy to emulate most forces.

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