Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Victrix Vikings

News has been trickling out over the past few weeks that Victrix Miniatures are moving into a new era - the dark ages. It seems that the first range will be Vikings. I have also read that Saxons and Normans are to be produced.

Now we have a little more detail announced on the Victrix facebook page. The box will contain a mix of armoured and unarmoured warriors, four of each on a sprue. There's usually six sprues in a set, plus extras on a command sprue, so about 50 models in a pack. Enough to man a viking longboat!

The release date is sketchy, I suspect that they are not even sure themselves as yet. I might have read late 2018 somewhere. This picture shows one of the body sculpts coupled with different head and arm options.

For me, this is just the ticket. I can look forward to well sculpted, affordable minis. If the rumoured Saxons and Normans are anything like this first view, I will be knee deep in dark ages minis.

Friday, 4 May 2018

May The What?

Incident at Hab Zone 161
May the Fourth Be With You. It's a thing, apparently.

I am not really much of a Star Wars fan, but I do like a good pun. To celebrate this great day for geeks everywhere, I put my sci fi collection together with my newly painted  rocky outcrops for this little image which I have grandly titled Incident at Hab Zone 161.

The figures are from the (long forgotten?) Sedition Wars range. They painted up really nicely and would make a great little force for a skirmish game. I really should get some more of them painted.

This is the kind of sci fi look I prefer, less Star Wars or 40K, more Moon Base Alpha.* The base in the background is the start, potentially, of a little side project, just primed at the moment. I really should not get distracted, this is what happens when you tidy your garage!

*from the series Space 1999, with hair styles courtesy of UFO

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Rocky Outcrops

Having a tidy up in the garage, I came across these random shapes. I had made them some time ago, from gap filler foam - the stuff used by builders and plumbers to fill in holes. It comes in a tube and I just sprayed a few blobs on to greaseproof paper (baking parchment). When they were dry I peeled off the paper and removed some of the weirder lumps with a hobby saw. Then I partly brush primed them white, fearing that solvent primer would simply melt them, then left them to dry. And then found them again several months later. With renewed resolve I speedily painted them, using army painter primer and some cheap craft paints. The primer did not seem to affect the foam as I had feared. Quick and easy rocky outcrops to add to my desert terrain collection. Now I just need some figures to explore this new wonderland!

With shrubs and (real) rocks

With spaceship wreckage

Battlefield in a Box - ooh catchy, somebody should register that name
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