Sunday 24 January 2010


Finally managed to get a game over the weekend, after a long break over the Christmas holiday. I dug out my orks to face their most hated enemies, the Tau - they hate them because they don't fight proppa, hidin and shootin and runnin away. It was a good game and it forced me to dig out my ork box. This is full of bits and half-started (and half-hearted) projects just crying out to be finished, which is exactly what I did. I now have a unit of tankbustas to add to my army, that should give those Tau vehicles something else to worry about.

The squad is based around the metal figures, with some additions from plastic troops. The plastics are handy because they can easily be made into more active poses, the metal figures tend to be walking and carrying their rokkit launchas. I just need a boss pole for the nob, because I can't imagine them escaping considerable fire power from the enemy, especially if they get lucky early in the game and take out a hammerhead. Now that would be a debut to remember.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Wood Elf Spellsinger

My painting has suffered a little recently as the midwinter break seemed to sap my enthusiasm. So my efforts on the elf army has reduced considerably, the result being that I have painted just one elf spellsinger in the past few weeks. In the picture she is accompanied by the high elf mage I painted a few weeks ago.

I'm not sure what I will paint in the army next. I'm just hoping that as the temperature warms my efforts will similarly increase!
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