Saturday, 26 July 2014

Vikings WIP and Stormclaw

Progress on the vikings is very slow, I was hoping to be much further on with them by now. The heat is my main excuse, it really makes painting difficult (and everything else for that matter). With a return to more normal temperatures forecast I am hoping to get moving again next week.

The bulk of my time has been spent on commission work, as building plastic figures is a reasonable thing to do whatever the weather. I have also been distracted by this extremely well armed, well armoured viking. Yep, I caved and bought the Stormclaw boxset. The models are brilliant, the two characters are absolutely oozing with character, while the standard figures are full, on sprue figures at about half the usual price. Flicking through the scenario booklet I was reminded at just how accomplished it all was, it really is a fine production. When GW put out packages like Stormclaw, nobody in the industry comes anywhere close in terms of quality and value for money. I will be keeping the orks and selling on the space wolves and rule booklet - if anyone is interested drop me a message!

1 comment:

Red Dog said...

Wow! Amazing stuff :-)

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