Thursday, 21 May 2020


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, well actually in this galaxy, I bought some figures. There were four of them, a set of adventurers, made by Statuesque Miniatures. And I put them to one side. And you can guess the rest. But now, several years later, I have painted one of them.

When I first saw this figure,it screamed Gandalf to me, for obvious reasons. So I started painting it with grey robes, white beard and blue hat. But then I thought it looked a bit dull, a bit cliche perhaps, so I added a purple cloak. And deeper shading round the eyes. Now he looks a bit more sinister.

Hopefully I will get to the remaining band of adventurers some time, they really are lovely figures. If you like the look of them, they are now available from Crooked Dice.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

How to Paint Nurgle

The latest video has been posted to my Youtube account (link over on the right). It's a brief overview into how I painted the Nurgle character from the previous post, mostly the flesh and the armour. I go into some detail on how to use matt medium and flow improver to get different effects with your paints. I did have problems with my microphone (again) and ended up having to use the one built into the camera, which is not ideal, there's an occasional muffle noise to contend with. But all in all, it's worth a watch. Here's a direct link to the video.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Nurgle Lord

This is a modern classic. So many awesome versions of this figure around on the web. Here's my effort, painted it in about two hours, pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I shot some footage while I was painting. Hopefully it will be good to compile into a painting video, not had a look at it yet. It actually takes longer to put together a video than to paint the figure. Perhaps by the weekend I will have got it done.

In the meantime, here's Nigel from a few more angles. Yeah, he is called Nigel.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Empire Warrior Priests

I have just finished painting a unit of flagellants on commission (picture below), and it reminded me of these two Empire warrior priests from my collection. I did have all three at one time, but the third has gone missing (probably sold to another collector). I think I originally bought them to auction on ebay, but then liked them so much that I ended up keeping them for myself, even though I had no real ambition to collect an Empire force.

I don't really paint in this style any more, back in the day I followed the basecoat, shade, layer, layer, layer technique. The results are nice enough, but they take a long time to achieve good results and it's very easy to mess up the layers. These days I paint more like a watercolour, glazing thin washes over a thin base coat. It gives a more organic look that I like. The red tunic on the second priest is particularly smooth looking, which looks really false in my eye. I left it as the original colour, though I did repaint the very orange flesh tones to my modern preference, and changed the base edge too.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

The abandoned realm of Yvresse

Some time ago, I came back from a holiday on the coast, full of ideas about a High Elf army. It was originally to be themed around the realm of Yvresse, but then I expanded my thinking and decided on a coastal army in general. I got as far as painting one unit and assembling another, then put it to one side for a couple of months while I worked on another project. Six years later......

It's time to resurrect the project. Instead of Yvresse I have moved my thinking northward a little, to Cothique, to really hammer home the nautical theme. What to do with the remnants of the original project? One unit of metal archers, on square bases, which I have photographed again for posterity before I transport them to their new homeland. Ranked up they are a bit cramped, and the metal figures seem to clank together a little, never a good thing. In keeping with my current ethos, I will rebase them on to two pence coins, perfect for storing and playing the skirmish games I like. If they are ever needed for mass battles, it's a simple task to put them on a magnetic sheet to group them together, for relaxed gamers like myself.

When I examined them close up, I discovered I had not painted a few details. Eyes, jewels and various other bits that are not really seen on the battlefield, only in photos that magnify the figure to screen size. I will definitely add some colour to the clothing and maybe dot in these details too.  It should be a quick job to get this first unit ready for battle.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


Cothique. Pour femme. Pour homme. Pour elfe.

It does sound like a perfume brand. But it's actually a province in the old Elf realm of Ulthuan, from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle world before it was destroyed. It's a coastal region on the north east of the continent, and it's probably one of the least known areas of the Elf kingdoms. Caledor has Dragon Princes, Tiranoc has chariots, Nagarythe has shadow warriors, while Cothique has, er, fish. It's probably most known for being next door to Chrace, home of the famed White Lions.

It is described as an unlovely place, with bleak windswept coastal landscapes. The inhabitants are more likely to travel the world than any other elf, sailing the oceans in their sleek white craft. They are famed mariners, as the seas around their homeland are filled with dangerous reefs and giant sea monsters. Elves from Cothique often wear dragon sea cloaks and their shields and heraldry bear aquatic symbols. They are the nearest the old world ever came to fish elves. Adventurers, corsairs, pirates, they have an unusual background that I want to use in my new elf force.

I bashed together this unit from two sets of elves. The legs and back/cloaks are dark elf corsairs, the front torso, arms and heads are mostly from the high elf shadow warrior box. This gives them a nice Cothique feel, if you ask me. Armed with sword and bow they could be used as shadow warriors in old games of WHFB, or rangers in newer games like Erehwon. I have enough bits for two units, though I might just forge on and paint these first.
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