Wednesday 16 February 2022

Mordor reinforcements

I have to admit that I neither play nor paint that much these days. I think it was late summer or autumn of last year when the dice were last rolled. On the painting side, it’s very infrequent and sporadic. Having said that, I did manage recently to knock out this troll, which I had converted some months back. 

For the palette, I ignored any film references and went to the original source, the books. Trolls are described as black skinned with red eyes, so that was my main aim. I did consider black armour too, but thought it might look too much against the skin, so settled on a dark metallic look. 

I have also cobbled together a unit that will play as linebreakers in games of Oathmark, if we ever return to it. These are troops that are heavily armoured and typically armed with double handed weapons. The models are old metal orcs that I picked up on a forum marketplace I think. They have been lying in my cupboard for a good while, I had intended to strip them and repaint them to fit in with my style, but in the end I glazed over a few washes to remove the zingy colours of the previous owner. They fit in well enough, the front and centre figure is the orc commander that I painted years ago. The rear rank is plastic Mordor orcs, armed with great weapons they make decent enough rear rank filler fodder. They will, of course, be useful in games of Erehwon, Rampant and other skirmish system.

Here’s a head on photo of the troll, you might be able to make out the red gleam of his eyes under that helmet. Let’s hope he gets to lumber on to a battlefield at some point.

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