Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dwarf Berserkers ready for paint

I have finally got the berserkers assembled and ready for priming. They are deployed 7 wide and 3 ranks deep, adding in the "engineer" that's 22 models from the original box of 20 models. Of course I am using a couple of 40mm bases with just 3 on each to save me a bit of space when racking up, as well as squeezing extra value out of an already very good value box of toy soldiers.

The test colours proved useful, I am definitely not going to paint all their beards the traditional bright orange. I tried it on the engineer and it just does not appeal to me. I think I will go for a mix of browns and blondes, ignoring the fluff.


Kuffeh said...

Looking good. When I get around to my own Slayers these guys will be in there. They just look pretty awesome. I can't wait to see painted guys.

I like the idea of doing different hair colours, not only will they stand out but they'll be special to your army.

marjedi said...

They look so good. Can't wait to see them painted. And i think the more natural aproach to the beards will look very good.

And now GW pay attention, dwarves have knees and legs not just a tummy and feet

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