Sunday, 24 July 2011

Vampire Counts New Releases

Vampire Counts players rejoice! Feast your eyes on this little lot, click on the thumbnails for a nice big view. And try not to drool on your keyboard.

Taken from the latest White Dwarf, here's the new releases for the Vampire Counts army. The first two pictures show the options available in the Zombie Dragon box, including the new monster called the Terrorgeist. Two different riders make this a tempting prospect, hopefully the spare will be compatible with a plastic steed.

Pick of the bunch for me is the Garden of Morr scenery set. The potential in this set looks amazing. Coupled with the Chapel, this would make a fantastic centrepiece for a Vampire Counts themed piece of terrain. I will definitely be ordering this one!

Finally, there's two new plastic blisters in the cairn wraith and tomb banshee models. There are rumours that these are now hero choices rather than rare, which would be a return to the old style rules from the Undead army book from the early 1990's. It's been many years since I played a Vampire Counts army. Suddenly, I feel very nostalgic!

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