Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Happy Smiley Giant

The latest in my fairly random list of things painted over the summer is this very smiley giant. It's a resin model released by Ilyad Games, a French miniatures company sadly no longer in business. I managed to track this specimen down on ebay. The level of detail is very good and the sculpting is top notch, making the painting a very straight forward experience. Starting with a white primer I applied most of the colours using glazes and washes.

It came complete with a 40mm resin base, but I used a 50mm to be more correct for gaming and to be a more comfortable fit. It will be used as a Nurgle giant in my chaos army, it could even be classed as a daemon prince. It will be a while before Smiley sees some action, as I am taking a break from Warhammer while I try out some 6mm World War 2 gaming. When I do get to debut the happy chappy in a game, you can be sure I will report back to let you know how he gets on. Just hoping he manages to avoid an Empire army in his first game.


Joe DeMaio said...

Great paint job ! Any chance you can remember the real name of the Ilyad miniature. Although that company is no longer, a lot of people sell the miniatures on Ebay all the time.


Old Fogey said...

I always thought it was called a Grotesque, but others may call it differently. Good luck finding one, it is one of the best models in my collection.

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