Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nurgle Death Guard

Happy Nurgle Day!

The first squad of Death Guard painted for my Nurgle Chaos Marines army. These are mostly plastics from the chaos marines box, one of the flamer armed guard is a metal model.

I tried out some new techniques on this squad. The models were primed black, then painted in chainmail. Then I applied some elementary shading in a black/brown wash. Then I painted the models browns and oranges, to emulate rusted metal. At this stage I gave them all a coat of Klear floor polish to act as a varnish.

The next stage was the radical bit, as I sprayed them with hairspray. About an hour later I painted over a pale cream colour on all the armour bits. When this had dried, I took a few old splayed brushes, dipped them in warm water, and scrubbed off the pale cream. The warm water dissolves the underlying hair varnish, leaving a very nice random scratched effect. Then I glazed the armour with Gryphone Sepia to give this mellow yellow armour. Then it was back to more conventional painting methods as I picked out the remaining details.

It's a technique used by military armour modellers, google "AFV hairspray technique" for dozens of articles and tips. I believe it's also covered in the Forgeworld painting manual. I will be using it again on the rhino for this squad, a subject better suited to the technique, though I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out on painting the individual squad members.


Karitas said...

That's worked really well.

In fact those guys look totally wicked :)

I've only just started using a masking teqnique I would normally use on vehicles on my wolf guard and there's a lot to be said for it :)

Hobby Horse said...

No masking on these guys, I am not using an airbrush, though I will do when I tackle the rhino.

Muskie said...

They came out pretty well. Lots of crazy techniques to be found online.

Unknown said...

Hello mate.
I was wondering if you could put up a tutorial on how you painted your death guards.

I got very inspired since im building a deathguard army and i dont wanna go for the classic greens.

Could you write a step-by-step how you painted and what colors you used, im gonna use some blues and tourquis for the edges of the armour to create more contrast.

Keep up the good work.

Hobby Horse said...

Sorry I don't have any step by step photos, but if you google the hairspray technique you will find lots of advice. Good luck.

Wostry Ferenc said...

I'd also very much appreciate a quick guide, at least a list of the paints that were used. These are the best death guards on the net. The bulging flesh mutations were made with green stuff, I presume? :)

Zeuso said...

Wow those Death Guard are the best I have ever seen! That technique with the hairspray came out great.

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