Sunday, 7 August 2011

Death Guard Rhino

The chaos marines are proving surprisingly quick to paint up. I suppose being basically one colour helps! This is proving to be one of the most relaxing armies I have painted. Adding a unit or vehicle once per month is a nice pace to tick along to.

I tried the hairspray technique on this vehicle, having already experimented a little on the squad. Each time I do it I learn something new. The patches of flaked paint are still a little bit too large to be realistic, but I am getting there. I have two more to do, hopefully I will be hitting the nail on the head by the time I get to them.

1 comment:

Karitas said...

That looks really nice and choesive, and it'll make for an awesome army.

Might I suggest re: the masking, if you're after smaller chips, grab some rocksalt.

while the hairspray is wet, sprinkle the rocksalt on it, where you want the chips. then once it's sprayed with the topcoat, procede as you have been with the hairspray alone, but focus on removing the small crystals.

it should give you the look you're after, and you cann still work off larger areas with the same hairspray technique.

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