Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Norman Fury

Over the weekend I visited Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire to see a dark ages re-enactment event - Norman fury, featuring, well, Normans (with a few Saxons as fodder). It was a nice day out, I took a few snaps which fellow toy soldier nerds might find useful or inspirational.

The very impressive Keep

Normans approach!

And assemble for battle

Archers - Loose!
Apparently they would only shout Fire! if the arrows
were flaming - makes sense though not sure how they know this?

Saxon response to the hail of arrows

Saxons ready for combat

Normans obligingly charge in

Norman commander  watches from afar

Commander's shield

Norman mounted knights

One for the true nerds this shot, some garment colours

Salmon is the new black

Fatigue marker

A very enjoyable afternoon in an impressive setting. I got to swing a poleaxe, a few ideas for colours and shield designs, and a ricotta and fig flavoured ice cream into the bargain. 

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