Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Glass Cabinet : Wargames Miniatures Painting group

I have been a longtime member of a few forums, most notably the Warhammer Forum (which grew from the Warhammer Players Society Forum). In recent years my tastes have changed and diversified and I now belong to about half a dozen, posting every now and then, mostly in their painting sections. It's a good way to share ideas and find inspiration, not to mention viewing some great paint work.

Sadly the days of my favourite forum are coming to an end, it's been limping along for a few years and now the admins are finally about to close it down. I want to keep up the good work of the painting section, which we named the Glass Cabinet, so I have started a group on facebook to hopefully continue the tradition.

The aim of the group is to talk about painting wargames miniatures, post photos of your projects, share ideas and tips, that kind of thing. One idea carried over from the old forum is a monthly painting project. Each month you pledge your objectives, paint throughout the next few weeks, then post pictures at the end of the month to show your achievements. It's a nice little system that helps to motivate. You can join in for just one month, try a few, or maybe even stick with it for the whole year. You will be surprised at how the piles of unpainted figures are slowly but surely tackled.

Come along and join the group. Pick up some new ideas, share your projects, promote your own personal blog, chat with fellow painters. It's a closed group, which means that your own facebook page will not be affected - your friends do not have to know about your secret inner nerd. It would be great to be joined by some of the talent in the blogosphere.

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Shelexie said...

I saw your post and clicked the join button. Thanks for the heads up!

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