Monday, 22 August 2016

More Anglo-Danes

The second half of the Anglo-Dane starter force is complete. Though just half the size of the first contingent, these are the elite warriors of the force. They have the best equipment and best armour. These are the highly trained, professional soldiers of their era, often blood relatives of the warlord. Some of them are armed with double handed dane axes, which it is said can cleave a man in two (I heard this tale at a re-enactor camp, not sure if he was being serious or not, I would imagine it would be nigh impossible to cut through armour, flesh and bone with just one stroke).

They are led into battle by Aelfric, Lord of the Northern Marches. I should really make his clothing more elaborate so that he stands out on the battlefield, but for the time being his horse design shield will have to do. I had problems with this transfer, which I had to hide with a bit of weathering and scratches along the top border.

That's the Saxon Miniatures starter warband completed. This gives a four point Saga force, which is a reasonable sized skirmish force. Standard games are played using six points, so I need a couple more units before I can call the Danes truly complete. I can use some of my other dark age troops as proxies for a while, but I would like to add some levie archers and another unit or two of warriors, to be decided after a few test games. Hopefully they will see action soon.

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