Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Treekin painted

I finally got around to finishing the second unit of treekin, they had been 90% done for a while. I based the colours on a piece of bark I found in a nearby wood, which saved me the job of trying to make up my own scheme. I often turn to real life/nature when I am stuck for inspiration. Adding this unit to the army brings it up to almost 2000 points painted, just an army standard to build and paint. That's not too bad considering I started the project on a whim, after a visit to a museum (full story here).

The picture below shows all my "treeish" elements together. There's over 600 points in this one shot, which goes some way to explaining how quick the army can (ahem) grow. It also shows that the colours of the three units, by coincidence more than planning, seem to fit together.

Finally, I have added pictures to the post showing the whole army, so you can check out the rest of the army if you feel that way inclined. 

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