Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Eggs Part Three

The third and final easter egg is the one I will relish the most. It's a box of War of the Roses infantry by Perry Miniatures. They have been available for a couple of years at least, but I have resisted for a long time because I figured I just did not need to add to the piles of unpainted plastics I already have. And I don't need to start another army, right? On the other hand, these would look great in a Bretonnian army! As the GW releases become more targeted at a younger audience, I find myself attracted by these more accurate, historical ranges.

The box is an absolute bargain in terms of quantity. There are enough parts to make 44 figures, up to 30 of which can be archers, up to 20 billmen (halberdiers). There are also plastic bases and paper flags. The scale is small, roughly Lord of the Rings size rather than Warhammer Fantasy. I couldn't resist having a play with the bits and ended up assembling a whole regiment in less than 2 hours - there are only four parts per figure and minimal mould lines.

While this is a legal regiment, I will probably add another two figures to make the regiment 12 strong. In this way I can make, from the one box, two regiments of 12 archers and one regiment of 20 billmen. I realise these numbers are more like 7th edition play style, but I have decided to try MSU with most of my armies in the future, the big-regiment-grinding of 8th edition has become stale very quickly. 

EDIT It seems I got a little carried away by the excitement of this boxset, or maybe I just ate too much chocolate. The number of figures in the box is 40. So back to the original plan, two units of 10 archers and one unit of 20 billmen. 

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Minitrol said...

Thanks for these eggs they have been quite nomnomnom

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