Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Eggs Part Two

Can you tell what is it yet? No, it's not some new super mutant Empire chicken, but a slightly more realistically proportioned member of the avian family. It's an eagle from the Gamezone range of figures. I have liked their figures for some time, but I have always been a little wary due to various reports on the web about them being difficult to construct due to gaps. Well, I'm an experienced modeller and have had a lot of construction problems recently on resin figures (no prizes for guessing who makes those), so I decided to take the plunge. How much worse could it be?

The sculpt is nice, there is a good level of detail, with little flash and just the usual mould line to clean. The body comes in two hollow parts and there is a sizeable gap to fill. You can see on the photo the grey stuff I have used to do this, it's much too big a job for liquid green stuff. You can also see the gap between the wing and the body, still to be tackled. So the stories are, I'm afraid, true to an extent. There are gaps to contend with. In the past I would have been annoyed at this, but recently I have found that many of my figures have required more preparation than I am accustomed to. Despite all the advances in the hobby, this is one area that is sadly lacking in some miniatures. I cannot decide which is the biggest pain, the filling of gaps in metal models, or the million bubbles of some of the resin figures.

Assembly gripes aside, I am really looking forward to painting up this figure. It will make a very striking character model to lead my Wood Elves into battle. I am still looking for a suitable army standard model and am starting to think that a plastic kitbash will be the best solution. More little jobs to keep me busy over the Easter weekend.

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danj said...

I purchased all three of the gamezone eagles about 6 months ago, love the models and they made a great addition to my wood elf army.

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