Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Eggs Part One

Easter is a great time of year when you are a kid. You get time off school and lots of chocolate to eat. For even bigger kids like us gamers it can be a good time too. It's a long weekend and maybe, if you can escape the inevitable list of chores that seem to always crop up on bank holidays, you can get some quality hobby time. Perhaps a big game, or an extended painting session, or maybe make a bit of terrain. I have fixed myself up with three Easter eggs to play with over the weekend.

The first of these is a model I have been coveting for a long time and finally I managed to pick one up from ebay. It's an Avatars of War dwarf thunderlord, though if you are having a hard time seeing that from the photo then google will help you out. I originally intended using the model as a thane, as there is an option to use an axe in the left hand. However, I much preferred the pistol option, but looking through the army book thought a pistol was quite a poor idea for a thane. Then it struck me, this model will be ideal as a master engineer. I don't like the GW engineer models, but this figure with a handgun slung over one shoulder and firing his pistol will be perfect. I should really also take advantage of the fact that he can entrench a war machine and make some kind of terrain to represent this - the king's wall from the Battle for Skull Pass boxset would be ideal fodder for this little project. That should keep me amused for a few hours.

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