Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dwarf Engineer paint in progress again

And the dwarf's back. I know, that's so punny!

Another little update to show more progress on the engineer. Quite often I get asked how I paint my figures, so hopefully this will be of interest to some. This shows the cloak not quite complete. I started with a mid green base, then I gave it a wash with the same green with a little black added, or rather I painted this into the creases. I did this a couple of times, adding a little more black each time, and painting deeper into the crease. That's the shading done.

For the highlighting I took the original mid green colour and painted just the raised areas. Then I added a little yellow and painted a slightly smaller raised area. I did this a couple of times. Finally I used pure yellow and a finer brush for the final highlights. That's the very pronounced bit at the top of the cloak. It looks a bit stark, a green glaze will blend it in a bit more.

1 comment:

John M said...

Very very nice - detailing is superb, always hard to make Dwarf models look like more than a lump of lead as their small size hides alot of the extra details you get on larger models

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