Sunday, 30 August 2009

Three sorcerors

I finished the Nurgle sorceror and re-based a Tzeentch sorceror to give me a few options in army selection. I sometimes use Slaanesh magic, in which case I take this Rackham model. Eventually I will paint another GW model to replace this one, which will also have the option of riding a magnetised chariot. That will be sometime in the future though.

I generally take two sorcerors in a 2000 point army, the Tzeentch sorceror takes a power familiar to help with the high casting level of his spells, while the Nurgle sorceror tends to take a spell familiar to give me a little extra choice.

Next on the agenda will be some mounted troops, either marauder horsemen or some Nurgle knights.


Dennis said...

I think the Tzeentch sorcerer looks fantastic. How did you go about painting it?

Unknown said...

I feel the urge to break the comment ice here on your blog. I bet there are some people lurking around here. Too much good stuff not to be.

Great job on the nurgle sorcerer, the antler horns really gave it some character. Worked even better than I expected!

Nord said...

Cheers guys, thanks for the comments. The Tzeentch sorceror I pretty much copied from the army book, but instead of using pastel colours I painted the armour in chain mail as usual, then glazed it with different colours. I thin kI put three bands of colours on the armour, then while the glaze was still damp on the figure, I blended it together by runnning a clean damp brush over the joined areas.

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