Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Exalted Hero

Here's my chaos army general, an exalted hero on daemon steed. The head is from the Lord on Juggernaut set, while the plastic bits are from the knights set - the shield will obviously be attached to the arm when it's painted. These minor changes help to improve the already impressive Archaon model. I will probably paint him up after the Khorne warriors, which are progressing well. The spawn I had planned to paint in this phase of three has been pushed back to the next phase.

My rough plan for painting is:-

  • 12 warriors of Khorne (underway)
  • Hero on deamonic mount
  • 5 marauder horsemen

  • 5 chaos knights
  • Spawn
  • 4 Nurgle ogres or 4 dragon ogres

That last trio breaks my rule of infantry-special-fast per phase, but it fits my current army. Suprisingly, I don't seem too far away from having a 2000 point fully painted army! I do have ideas for more characters, more units, but for the time being I will be happy to have these as a starting point.

Not only is the painting go well, but the gaming seems to be pretty decent too. From my first frustrations with the army I now seem to handle the problems of speed better and am having some surprising victories - my dwarfs never seem to beat lizardmen or vampire counts, my last two vanquished foe. The lack of chaos warriors in the army does concern me a little, it doesn't seem quite right to have just one unit of chaos warriors and one unit of knights, but I'm enjoying the games so can live with that little problem.

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