Wednesday 26 August 2009

Nurgle sorceror

I was going to paint the exalted hero on the daemonic steed next, but after the Khorne warriors dragging on I wanted something a bit quicker to achieve. I have been using an old plaguebearer model as a proxy for my Nurgle sorceror, so I searched through my lead mountain for something more suitable. This old chaos champion, with a few plastic bits (mainly dryad branches), is the result. I even found a little familiar to use. This is a test model in a way, if the end result is good I will be doing something similar on the chaos knights.

The inspiration for the antlers comes from the original concept work for Nurgle afflictions. Antlers and horns were freely handed out by Nurgle back in the 1980's, as you can see here.

When this model is painted up I will have three sorcerors on foot, but more on that next time.

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