Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Khorne warriors finished

The Khorne warriors are finally finished, though they took a bit longer than I anticipated. I am just glad to have them finished, I might at a future date decorate the banner with a few more heads. I also need to dust the movement tray with a bit of snow.

The cloaks were the biggest problem, I couldn't decide if they should be red, black or brown. In the end I thought a polar bear (off white) fur helped to lift the model a little, a dark brown against dark red might have been too dark. The fur also helps tie in with the snow theme. There's a little snow and blood at the bottom of the cloaks, as the warriors have waded through the blood of their enemies, but it's hard to see on this picture. I will get some close-ups taken in the next few days.


Ranjo said...

Hello, I really like your blog. But I wonder what colours you used for the red parts of the armour? If you didn't use citadel paints please have a guess what mix would achieve a similar result. I'm really looking forward to see your exalted hero when it's painted and the nurgle knights. You inspired me to convert my own hero on archaons steed.

Best regards Ranjo

Nord said...

Hello Ranjo,

The red is a mix. If I were using Citadel paints I would use scab (scar?) red and mix in a small quantity of scorched brown. When that's painted on, wash the armour with Baal Red with some Blue wash added - this gives a purplish red. Washing with red alone is fairly pointless, the purpley red is more intense and gives more definition.

I then painted on damage with chain mail and finally glazed with browns and blacks to dull it down.

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