Saturday, 27 April 2019

Dwarf runesmith

This is the dwarf runesmith that was originally released as part of the Grudge of Drong campaign, around 1997 I believe. I picked it up in a joblot on ebay recently along with a few dwarfs for my Oakenheim collection. Sadly, this figure is not one of my favourites and is surplus to requirement, but rather than toss him to the back of the drawer, I have painted him up and tossed him into the shop instead. So you see, it is possible to toss a dwarf.

For reference, I have included a catalogue page from the rather excellent Stuff Of Legends site, a must visit for any Warhammer fan wishing to track down old figures, or just see what things were like back in the day. As well as photos of miniatures, there's often some lovely old artwork to admire too.

Incidentally, I have stocked the shop with a few older painted minis from my glass cabinet. There's a couple of Imperial Guard psykers, a Scots/Irish warlord and another dwarf.

Taken from Stuff of Legends without permission


Michal DwarfCrypt said...

One of my favourite Runesmith mini!

Matt Crump said...

I rather like him sad to see him move on😢

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