Sunday, 15 May 2016

Iron Hill Dwarfs rumours

It seems that Games Workshop have not abandoned the Lord of the Rings range. At the Warhammer fest event over the weekend details have emerged of some new models, including these rather nice Iron Hill Dwarves. The game system has been taken over by ForgeWorld, so they will probably end up being at the premium end of the price range, but it's always nice to see new figures for the game. It's a system that I came to a bit late, I managed to pick up quite a few cheap plastic items on ebay but some of the more desirable old metals are far beyond my price bracket. It has been mentioned that some of the old, discontinued range will be re-released, so I will be keeping my eye on developments there.

As much as I love the dwarfs, there was one news item that really got my attention. This Lake Town house was in the ForgeWorld cabinets, but some forum posters are claiming it will be a plastic kit and that it is scheduled for release later in the year. If this rumour is true, that would be amazing news. I have been looking to build some viking/Rohan/dark ages terrain for a while and have always balked at the idea of scratch building stuff like this. While there are some reasonable mdf kits around, none of them quite capture this kind of level of awesome detail. If it is true, I think I have my xmas list sorted already!

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Unknown said...

That lake house is fantastic! Hope they do release it as a kit. Nice find

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