Sunday, 8 May 2016

Dwarf Runesmith WIP

This will be the first real character for my dwarf warband. I have a ranger captain and the slayers are all very characterful in themselves, but in pure game terms, this is a character. It's a runesmith I picked up on ebay, then stripped and briefly started with some metals. However, I wasn't happy with the original pose holding a book and a hammer, so a little search through the bits box and I came up with this. The staff head is perhaps oversized and I may tweak it somewhat.

I need to get it finished within a couple of weeks to take part in the Bugman's forum painting challenge, something that keeps me to a deadline. The theme is solid, runic power. Originally I was hoping to paint an Anvil of Doom, but I have let the weeks slip by and won't have time to do that now. These dwarfs are in no hurry to be painted! I want to get the slayers, runesmith and my gunners all painted so I can start to play small games with them, but I am in need of a change.......

EDIT (next day) I made a little alteration to the staff head, primed and washed the model.

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