Friday, 20 May 2016

A game of Warhammer

The armies square up
I miss Warhammer - the last time I played was almost three years ago. I have enjoyed playing many a skirmish game over the past couple of years, but missed the spectacle of the massed ranks clashing in mighty battles. So I was more than happy to introduce gaming buddy Steve to the venerable old system. The game we played was eighth edition, but using the older softback army books. I dug out my old high elf army (nearly twenty years old!) and totted up a list at just over 1000 points. Facing them would be my newest army, the forces of Chaos, using many models from the Age of Sigmar boxset. The game took place on my dining room table, at 5x3 probably a bit too small even for starter armies.

Chaos forces repulsed by shocking green movement trays
The elves stood back to make the most of their superior archery, and with some extraordinarily good dice rolling they managed to destroy a unit of marauders and a chaos spawn. The left flank was well defended by a unit of Ellyrian Reavers, who managed to fend off ravening chaos hounds. As the hordes of chaos moved closer, Swordmasters marched forward to intercept. I fully expected the elves to have the upper hand in the early part of the game, but to struggle a little when combat was joined.

Swordmasters ponder their fate
The Swordmasters charged into the flank of the advancing chaos warriors, risking subsequent flank charges from a chaos spawn and ogres. But the spawn was removed by missile fire and the combat was so decisive that the warriors fled, the Swordmasters pursuing them and out of harm's way. A late charge by marauder horsemen resulted in the slaughter of a bolt thrower crew, with panic spreading to two elf units, but in effect the game was over when the chaos warriors fled.

In missiles we trust!
It was nice to play with my old elf army and the new chaos force. I really wanted the game to be much closer for the sake of my learner opponent, but it was one of those rare occasions when my dice just seemed to do all the right things (the last two panic tests being a late surge to the more usual results). Still, he seemed reasonably happy and maybe will start a fantasy army of his own. A nice little refresher for me, before I plunge myself into the world of Total War Warhammer.


Oddjob said...

I know how you feel about missing games of Warhammer! There is a simple pleasure in seeing rows of ranked-up troops facing each other against the table (I know there isn't a reason you can't do that at the start of a game of AOS, but somehow it isn't the same! It was really nice to read about your experience of enjoying a game of 8th, AND enjoying getting out the High Elves. I own a small force myself ( )but only used them once or twice - you've motivated me to get them out again! :-)

Nord said...

I tried AOS and never really got to grips with it, but should give it another go some time. Maybe it would be a better way to introduce a newcomer to the game. I could always house rule away the very silly stuff, like shooting into/out of combat.

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