Wednesday 25 May 2016

Dwarf Slayers

The last of the dwarf slayers are finally painted, making the unit the Magnificent Seven! I need an eighth to make up a legal unit for Saga, it would be nice if I could get one final slayer to lead them into battle, if not I will have to go with a unit filler. 

The latest duo are a mixed pair. The figure on the left is a standard model and probably my least favourite of the unit - the pose is very strange and the beard filled with gems does not quite do it for me. I deliberately painted his beard a fairly boring brown colour to make him less noticeable in the unit. The figure on the right was originally a standard bearer, I converted his right hand to be holding an axe.

I need a break from painting dwarfs for a while, my usual three month attention span has taken effect. I will be putting my energy into to some of my other projects, probably a few varied, small jobs. But I will be back to the dwarfs later in the year, hopefully before the end of summer.


R Singers said...

It's interesting to see dwarfs painted with pale flesh rather than "ruddy", but it has a really great underground/northern wastes feel to it. The green gems are very well executed too. The only thing I don't really like is the pennies for bases. I'm not sure why but it always catches my eye as it somehow looks out of place.

I look forward to seeing what you decide to paint next.

Unknown said...

These are fantastic!

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