Friday, 21 March 2014

Corrupters In Progress

Painting on the first unit of the Avatars of War corrupters is progressing nicely. I have done the bulk of the armour and robes, just the fiddly bits like tentacles, severed heads and guts to do. I started with a pale green for the armour, then glazed and shaded with browns, greys, purples to add definition. I also filled in holes and stippled in random places with more browns and chestnuts, to give a mottled, worn appearance. So far, so good, though there's still a little dirtying up and weathering to do.

The first unit is 12 strong armed with great weapons. I have also received a second box, another of the introductory offer sets containing 24 figures plus character, this time armed with hand weapon and shields. In total that makes 50 models from the two boxes, which will be broken down into 4 units of 12, plus two characters. In warhammer army points the regiments come to about 1000 points, the characters about 250 points, so it's a good basis for a starter army. Adding in a few of my part-painted or part-constructed units from a few years back, I will be able to field a complete Corrupters army of at least 2000 points. More stuff added to the to do list.


Stygianheart said...

Looking very nice, I like where they are going.

The grimy armour and the metal-work are great.

I'm looking forward to seeing a whole block together :)

redmanphill said...

There is something almost John Blanche like in this paintjob.

Killshot Productions said...

That is coming along very nicely!

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