Sunday, 30 March 2014

Chaos Marauders

I have had these marauders almost finished for months, I just seemed to run out of steam at the final furlong. As a token gesture at a spring clean of my collection, I figured I would try to tidy up my outstanding queue before embarking on anything new. I got three nearly finished units completed in a couple of days, possibly a personal best. I will post the pictures of the other two units in the coming weeks.

These are mostly old metal marauders I have had for some time but never got the inspiration to paint. It was the addition of the plastic conversions that made the unit more interesting. I particularly like the older bearded warrior front left, he looks grizzled and experienced. The bald guy in the front row is the archetypal frenzied warrior, covered in blood and swinging his axe wildly, if he's not careful he'll have somebody's head off! On the far right is a metal classic figure, I'm not sure if it was originally a beastman or a chaos warrior, but it's a marauder now. The command group are all metal, the musician and banner bearer are stock models (though the banner is from the plastic bloodletter box), while the champion is a Reaper figure. The rear ranks are the more tedious, almost mono-pose metals, spruced up with a few plastics.

The banner icon is hand painted, I was inspired by a picture on deviantart - a good site to visit if you want some inspiration, as long as you don't mind navigating through the dross and the porn. The blood spatters are made by flicking paint at the unit. I concentrated my fire at the banner and the crazed looney. I'm happy to mark this unit as finished, another item crossed off my 2013 painting list - they obviously got snowed in or had a really long xmas party.


Killshot Productions said...

These were excellent! You drew a hard 1st round in the LPL.

Nord said...

I wondered if any lead adventurers strayed into this blog! I have only recently joined the forum, as I move into more areas than just Warhammer, it was just sheer luck that the first round was fantasy. And yes, hard first round, but it's all just for fun, I don't take "competition" seriously.

Stygianheart said...

That skin and armour.... Wow!

I love the gritty real look of this unit. I'm trying to get away from the way I normally paint. everything always seems to come out far too clean/cartoony.

I'm wanting to work on a Fantasy Khorne army some time soon, if I could get them to look anywhere near this I'd be very happy!

I just wanted to let you know that I'd also nominated your blog to get the Liebster award over at my blog: Meandering Shade. Just for a bit of fun, it's up to you whether you'd like to take part and carry it on.

Keep up the awesome work!

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