Tuesday, 11 March 2014

AOW Corrupters Final Thoughts

The first regiment of corrupters is fully assembled, ready to be based, primed and painted. Now that I have got to this stage I can fully appreciate how good these models are. Yes, they are hard plastic and a little more taxing to prepare than the softer plastic you are probably more familiar with. But with a decent set of clippers and a sharp blade they should not prove too difficult. Once you have solved the enigma of how to assemble warriors armed with double handed weapons, they go together nicely and you end up with a very dynamic looking unit. I certainly prefer these to my Khorne warriors, the poses are more natural and more adaptable.

Mixing in bits from GW warriors is possible, but the scale of these warriors is a little smaller than the plastic chaos warrior. If you look closely at the picture you will see that I have added a couple of flail armed warriors in the back rank, made from marauder bits. The unit champion has a metal head from a GW model. For my next regiment I will probably try to find more bare heads - maybe zombies or even standard human heads will be used. For this regiment I was happy to use the standard components from the box.

My final verdict is these models are easily equal to those offered by GW in terms of quality of sculpting and casting. The material used is a hard plastic that is a bit tricky at first, but soon becomes second nature. Assembly is difficult as they are armed with great weapons, but if you glue the arms to the torso first, then the weapon to the arms, then this sub-assembly to the legs, finally the head, you should find it less frustrating. I bought them on advance order and got 24 figures plus a metal exclusive for 35 euros, which is an absolute bargain price. So much so that I have tracked down a second set of corrupters on ebay, armed with hand weapons, and snapped them up before everybody else realises what a good buy they are. This set appears to have different heads, legs and torsos, so I can look forward to even more variety in my regiments.

I'm afraid that the main casualty of all this is my dwarf army - for a similar price I could get 24 highly poseable chaos warriors plus a limited edition champion, or a unit of 10 very similar posed dwarfs - it's just no contest for me. I would really love to add to my dwarf army, but not at that price. If Avatars of War do similar deals on dwarfs in future months, I will be very happy to take up the beard army once more. In the meantime, the forces of corruption are spreading.


redmanphill said...

It is a pity you won't be doing the Dwarves, even just updating the older stuff you have.

Still the Chaos will prove eye candy inspiration enough.

Old Fogey said...

Maybe I phrased it badly - I won't be buying any of the new GW dwarfs, but I do have plenty of dwarfs wandering about on Mount Unpainted. I have also made a start on tidying up the existing troops - the clansmen got a painted banner and so will the ironbreakers at some stage. The AOW berserkers have also had some work done, as will be revealed in a future post. The dwarfs are not abandoned by any means, but neither are they the most favoured at this moment in time.

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