Thursday, 24 May 2012

New plastic goblin shaman

Now this is a little surprise, a sneaky little goblin shaman sneaking into the latest set of GW releases. Very sneaky indeed! As I am in the middle of painting up some goblins it caught my attention over on the Warhammer Forum (originally posted on Warseer).

It's a nice enough figure for sure, well proportioned hands on a plastic goblin is a welcome improvement. It's a nice pose too, a bit more considered than the usual manic waving of staff in the air. The head/face is a little underwhelming, not that different to any of the rank and file. For me, it's a candidate for an army standard bearer rather than a shaman, reasonable conversion fodder. A boxed regiment of this style of goblin would have been very exciting about a year ago, when the new army book was released.

Will I buy it? Probably not. I tend to use night goblin shamans for mushroom shenanigans and already have 2 or 3 of those in my army. Similarly I don't need an army standard bearer as I already have one. Maybe I might buy one to paint up just for the fun of it! I can decide in a couple of weeks' time.


MrLee said...

Nice find, hadn't seen this yet due to lack of forum trolling! Agreed that it is a great sculpt, minus the face. Though if it is plastic, maybe that can be swapped out? And throw on a fanatic face to make it more Night Goblin ish? Damnit, now I have ideas on how to incorporate this model into an army I don't want to expand any further!

Nord said...

Yep, good call on the fanatics bits. You might even find some tasty bits in a pile of ork grots. Armies are never finished, they always expand!

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