Sunday, 27 May 2012

Avatars of War plastic Dwarfs!

Would you believe it? After the post yesterday about Sedition Wars, comes more stunning news about possible upcoming miniatures. Avatars of War are making a plastic dwarf army! Go visit the indiegogo page  for all the details, including a list of all the units, characters and war machines they want to produce, given the funding comes through. Even if you are not that interested in dwarfs, just go take a look at the concept sketches (and then weep at your own pathetic army).

There's a comprehensive list of all the units that they already have planned, and those they will be able to extend to if the funding is raised. Already planned are warriors with shields, warriors with pistols, elite armoured warriors with shields and elite armoured warriors with great weapons. So far, so Warhammer. But also planned are a living ancestor stone statue, a master builder and a mortar with crew. All these will be released whatever happens with the funding.

Now the extras that will be possible if funds allow, in order of targets reached:-

  • champion multi part model
  • crossbow regiment
  • veterans regiment
  • treasure hunters
  • bear warriors (dwarfs in bear disguises!)
  • dwarf king on bear
  • dwarf bear lord
  • dwarf pathfinders
  • dwarf cavalry (bear riders)
  • war bears
  • valkyries (female dwarf warriors)
  • cannon
  • light cannon
  • geologist
  • sniper

That's far too much excitement for me for one weekend. I need a lie down and a cool beer to recover from all this anticipation (not to mention wallet strain). 

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