Friday, 20 January 2012

Parcels are like buses

You wait all week for one to arrive, then three come at once. Yes, I have been spending some leftover xmas money on hobby items.

No prizes for guessing that I ordered the Vampire Counts book. My first impression was, wow it's thin. And that cover is awful. I already knew that when I ordered it, but as I took it out of the envelope I couldn't help thinking, it's a Beano annual! Thankfully, the contents are much better than the cover, the overall look and feel of the book is good. After a couple of quick skim reads I am hopeful that I can get some enjoyment from the army.

The second parcel that arrived is related to the first. I noticed that mantic were selling off stock over the holidays so I took a chance and ordered a mantic bag stuffed full of minis, hoping that there would be some undead troops in there. I was not disappointed, as 60 skeletons spilled out. No zombies or ghouls, but it was a lucky dip type of thing. It makes choosing my core troops a little easier, I will basically make the best of what I have.

The third purchase was for my chaos army. I am currently putting the finishing touches to a unit of marauders, with a character primed and next in the painting queue. With some chaos warriors and hounds I already have painted, I realised I could make them into a small warband. Every chaos warband needs a leader, and I could think of none better this last parcel. I will be opening it up and reviewing it over the coming days.


Minitrol said...

Exciting! I loved the Mantic Bag. I had a good spread a cross all their ranges so now I get a taste of the figures. Was surprised that in person I don't hate the Elves as much.

Yes the Vampire book is thin you could almost remove the covers and there combined width would be the same as the contents. Plus you can better resolution of the models in the GW webstore and still no painting tips for this latest batch of army books is a real disappointment.

Hobby Horse said...

The one thing I don't like about mantic is how they make their figures look bad on their own website! The undead are excellent, the pick of the bunch without a doubt. It was the dwarfs that surprised me, so much better in real life than in their pictures. And there's a dead/drunk one. The orcs are reasonable, noting special, though if you take a close look at GW orcs they are quite comical. The mantic elves, like many have said, are so much nicer in real life. They really need to work on their advertising skills.

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