Sunday, 22 January 2012

Avatars of War new regiment revealed

Wow, this one certainly took me by surprise. After the release of the dwarf berserkers by Avatars of War last year, I was looking forward to their next regiment set. Most of the hints seemed to be that female elf warriors would be next, but then it slipped off my radar. So thanks to Tabletop Fix (and their sources) for this scoop.

It looks like Avatars of War are making their next regiment in a plastic-resin mix they are calling Warcast. From their description it sounds like the mantic plastic-resin mix. If you don't have experience of these, the components come in little plastic bags rather than on a sprue, it's slightly softer than hard plastic but still holds detail well. It's a little more expensive than plastic but easier to get into production. We don't yet know how much more expensive, or how often releases will be made. Claims on the website of every other month sounds a bit optimistic, but it sure would be nice. Hopefully there will be more details revealed in the coming days, but until then, have fun looking at this teaser picture of Warriors of the Apocalypse.

Further details on the AOW website.

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PsychosisPC said...

Uh-Oh....I think I will need to break open a piggy bank.

I had not seen those, I like them.

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