Friday, 27 January 2012

BaneLegions Kraan review

Banelegions have released some pretty nice stuff over the past year. When the Kraan model was announced I thought it would make a striking addition to my chaos army. And funnily enough, when I reread the fluff, it turns out that some daemon steeds take the form of a large bear. Sold!

I had to wait over a week for it to arrive, I guess they were inundated with orders. Here's how the figure is packaged, in a clamshell pack with all the bits securely snuggled by a big wedge of sponge. So no rattling round in transit. This in turn was securely packed in a cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap. Excellent packaging, which is very reassuring when it comes to the slightly more fragile resin material.

The components look like this. Lots of bits, which I like because I appreciate the possibility of customisation. More on this later.

The sculpting is wonderful, highly detailed and nicely proportioned. The casting is very good too, there's a little flash, I have found just three bubbles, and a couple of mold lines. That's far better than most resin models I have worked on in the past.

I have already assembled most of the bear (I might paint the tusk head armour separately). It went together really easily, all the joints are really snug fits and gaps are minimal. And I had not one mold line to scrape off! The thing you have to be careful with is cutting the big blocks of resin off the model. This is probably the easiest resin figure I have ever assembled.

The rest of the components I have bagged up for a future session. I would like to change the pose of the rider to be pointing or beckoning his troops forward, but I am not sure that the figure on foot would look good with his weapon hefted on his shoulder as he is running, or at least in motion. I might attempt to add some other bits to make these changes, possibly the new AOW warriors will fit the bill. That's something to ponder. In the meantime, I can work on a scenic base for the bear.

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