Thursday, 25 August 2011

New plastic Nurgle figure

I spotted this photo on one of the forums. It's rumoured to be a plastic Nurgle Lord. I sincerely hope that it is plastic, because I will definitely buy one and hack it around to make it more lordly. At the moment, I would say it is merely aspiring champion or even unit champion. It needs a little bit more to make it a lord.

The new plastic characters that have been released recently are nice enough but come as they are in the picture, with no extra bits or options. Of course, plastic is easy enough to hack around so that's not a major problem if you have plenty of bits.

I am jumping the gun here a bit as I am trying to stick to painting dwarfs, the rangers are only just started and I still need to finish the berserkers. I also have a large pile of plastics to assemble for my next army, which I hope to start in September. So the Nurgle items will have to wait a while, probably November is the month of Nurgle for me. I have a few more models that I will be painting for my Chaos army, some of them much more interesting than this guy. It's going to be a busy autumn.


Mr Saturday said...

Ooo, that's really nice. The Nurgle lord is out this month. I'm liking the new plastic characters, but I'd like some more options for them too.

Nord said...

They are more snap together style than character kit. But still pretty easy to swap a head or weapon, add a few extras from your bits box.

FBroundup said...

@ Mr Saturday...I've picked up a lot of the new plastics and completely agree. They are all pretty fragile as well.

@Hobby Horse...this fig reminds me of some of your earlier Chaos Warriors work!

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