Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dwarf rangers started

The berserkers are not yet finished but they are tabletop ready, so I have moved on to the next dwarf unit, 24 rangers. These will be much easier to paint as they are mostly armour and beard. They are a mix of plastics, mostly current version, with a few axes hefted on the shoulder from the previous plastics set. There's also a couple of metals in the unit, including one of my favourite dwarf minis of all the time, the champion with eye patch and wooden leg.

Today I primed the unit, most with metallic paint, some with a white primer then painted on the metal areas. The next step is a wash, when I apply this I will also use it on the weapons of the berserker unit. When I paint the beards of this unit, I will also touch up the beards of the berserker unit. This makes me feel like I am making good progress, even though I am going back to a previously painted unit. It's a little technique I use to keep up impetus on an army - get one unit to a reasonable level, then just work on it in little sessions here and there to bring it up to scratch. It makes painting a difficult unit seem less of a chore.


redmanphill said...

Good luck, I still have twenty of those old metals to do to get my Rangers finished.... a unit of forty in total. I must be mad. They are great models though!

Hobby Horse said...

Just the one metal rank and file figure. They are quite nice but very monopose, I actually sold ten of them. The plastics are not exactly varied either, but it's reasonably easy to cut and swap and make a few variations using the older plastic kit.

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