Thursday, 26 May 2011

Enigma Winged Vampire

With all the hullabaloo about GW prices and the rest of it, I think it's worth remembering that there are plenty of other manufacturers out there. I spotted this model on my morning trawl of the net. For me, just how a vampire should look. I was so impressed I immediately lifted my Vampire Counts book off the shelf and started to think about a list with a flying vampire, wondering if it would be viable.

The scale is 32mm, which is possibly bigger than a typical troop sized model. Not that it would bother me too much, heroes are meant to stand out of the crowd. I have a completely unpainted Undead army waiting for some attention, this figure might just have shunted them nearer to the front of the queue.

Also by Enigma is this lovely sculpt. What a fine pair of models! A lord standing in the ranks of the skeletons, a lesser vampire flying around the battlefield, it's a tantalising prospect. Damn it, I am feeling distracted by the possibilities. Must resist, must resist.....gah, I am as weak as a busty maiden in the arms of Dracula, who am I kidding?


Duarte said...

Very true.

I'm only keen on painting and specially metal miniatures so this hole resin high detailed deal doesn't convince me.

I've been looking around for dwarves of different "brands" and there are none better than those of the Avatars of War line. Still, these are sold at the same price, perhaps even a bit pricier than the GW's.

But there are very good sculpters and lines of miniatures besides GW, that's for sure, it's just a matter of looking for them.

PS: since your dwarves are by far the most astounding dwarves in the web (specially the Thane) would you kindly post a tutorial like you did with you ork boyz?

First time commenting for long time follower.

Hobby Horse said...

I have recently bought a couple of non-GW items, just waiting for them to be delivered. They will appear on the blog at some stage.

On the dwarf thane, I'm not sure which you mean, but I did write a tutorial years ago on the Warhammer Forum, it's probably still there. My painting methods have evolved of course, so I would have to rewrite it for my current method. Next time I have a dwarf under the brush I will take a few pics along the way.

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