Monday, 2 May 2011

Mad Machine # 1

Here's a work in progress shot of the first of Gobrat's Gizmos. It's a pump wagon with the out-rigga upgrade (which is basically a makeshift sail). As I was building the chassis and main body I was struck that it resembled half a boat, so the upgrade suggested itself really. Most of the bits are from the chariot kit, with a few other bits and bobs from the orc warriors sprue. Only the barrel on top of the mast has been looted (from the Ogre Kingdoms sprue). There will be a lookout in the crow's nest plus a selection of motley crew. I have some old metal snotlings but they might be too small, so I might have to draft in some snotlings from the Bignose tribe (aka gnoblars).

Gizmo 1 is pretty much complete and ready to be primed and painted. I will build at least one more pump wagon before I get the paints out. I might even paint all the gizmos in one batch, after a mass building project. I also want to have Gobrat himself involved somehow, I would like him to be a bit like the greenskin equivalent of a dwarf engineer, but I'm not sure how to pull it off.

1 comment:

Mr Saturday said...

That looks excellent, I like the boat theme! Now you need a snotling with a captain's hat though.

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