Monday, 23 May 2011

Favoured of the Gods III : The Wizard's Tower

The Favoured of the Gods is a series of linked scenarios, pitching rival chaos champions into bloody combat. Each champion is striving to impress the chaos gods on the battlefield, hoping to earn favour in their eyes. If the champions fight well they will be rewarded, but failure in battle may result in punishment from the gods. 

The third scenario is fought over two games, each army's sorceror aiming to defeat a wizard in his tower, claiming a magical artefact if he is successful.  The 2500 point Chaos army contains 3 characters, the champion from scenario 1, the sorceror from scenario 2 and an army standard bearer. Each of these characters carries any magic items/chaos gifts gained (or lost!) in the previous battles. The enemy army is chosen by opponent. The game is played on a 6x4 table with a wizard tower in the centre and roughly six other pieces of terrain. In addition, three markers should be evenly spaced around the tower, about 12 inches from it.

Wizard. A wizard lives in the tower, he is placed on the top floor and never moves from this position. He is a level 1 wizard but knows all the spells from a randomly determined deck (we chose from fire, shadow, metal and death). Each magic phase he is controlled by the player who's turn it is. He can attempt to channel the winds of magic as normal. He can cast one spell per turn, randomly chosen by rolling a d6. The controlling player then decides if he wants the wizard to cast the spell, using dice from the casting pool (and the wizard's channeled dice if he gained one). The usual rules for casting spells from a building apply.

Terrain rules. The wizard has magical traps and enchantments in place to protect his domain. Around the tower are 3 markers, which represent magically concealed terrain. When a unit gets to within 3 inches of a marker, the terrain is revealed. Randomly determine the type of terrain and any effects it has on the triggering unit. In addition, the tower is magically sealed and can only be entered by single characters. 

End of Game. The chaos sorceror is aiming to impress the chaos gods. He can do this in two ways. If the chaos army wins the game (using victory points as normal) the sorceror may be able to advance a level. Calculate the margin of victory and divide by 100, rounding up. The sorceror must then roll equal to or less than this number to gain a level. For example, if the margin of victory is 237 points, dividing by 100 gives 3 (2.37 rounded up), so the sorceror would have to roll 3 or less to advance a level. A roll of 1 is an automatic success, a roll of 6 automatically fails. 

If the chaos army manages to get a character into the wizard's tower then he can fight the wizard. If the wizard is slain, the chaos sorceror may ransack the tower at the end of the game. Roll a d6 to determine what he finds:- 

1 - the wizard's revenge, a magical trap causes d3 wounds on the sorceror!
2 - nothing is found
3 - Channeling Staff
4 - Earthing Rod
5 - Power Scroll
6 - choose any arcane item up to a value of 50 points from the main rulebook or the chaos army book

If any chaos character loses all his wounds during the battle he is removed as a casualty in the usual manner. At the end of the game his fate is decided by the roll of a d6:-

1 - dead!
2 - turned to spawn
3 - lose a randomly determined gift/magic item
4+ - no long term effect, but miss the next game in the campaign

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