Saturday, 4 June 2011


It's a historic day here at Hobby Horse. Check out the amazing detail on this incredibly finely cast model. It's lightweight, it was an absolute breeze to clean off the minimal mould lines and the parts glued together easily with a little super glue. It's a revolutionary step forward in miniature design and manufacture, one that will echo down the centuries.....

Or maybe it's just a resin model from a few years back, now sadly no longer available (unless you are lucky on ebay as I was). It was produced by a French company, Ilyad Games, which produced a small range of fine figures like this one, but then folded about 3 or 4 years ago. On this 50 mm base, it will make a fine addition to a number of armies. For me, it will be a Nurgle giant, sometimes a Nurgle Daemon Prince, or maybe even a unit filler in a horde of zombies.

It's also as good a model as I have put together, resin really does hold fine detail far better than metal, cleans up a treat and glues together very quickly and easily with super glue. I will be buying more resin figures in the future, but not necessarily from the leading miniatures company. It's all part of my mid-year resolution to steer away from the most trodden paths, to look into alternatives that might just offer the same quality I want in my collection, but at more reasonable costs. Or maybe just offer something a little bit different.

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