Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nurgle spawn finished

The repaint of the Nurgle spawn went reasonably well. It's still a little bit darker than I really wanted, a couple of glazes too many, but I am sticking with this version.

Fully expecting it to be destroyed before it could slither halfway across the board, last night's debut game was almost a success for the Thing. It managed to survive a charge from a unit of Empire knights, then sent them fleeing (with help from some nearby ogres). It then chased and destroyed the knights and was just settling down to a well-deserved nibble on a knight leg, when a last-ditch (turn 6) volley of lead from a unit of handgunners finished it off. Pretty good for a newly painted model, maybe the fresh paint curse is being lifted from my models.

Not that I expect the next painted unit to do well. Up next are some chaos hounds, which tend to follow the exact same destiny in every game. Advance, screening troops. Get shot. Lose some (or all) models. Panic. Re-roll panic test. Fail again. Flee, never to rally. I can't remember the last time my hounds tasted blood. For this reason, I will not be spending too long on painting the pathetic little beasts.

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